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New York Standard Watch Company

The Leader in Stylish Smartwatch Technology

New York Standard Watch Company provides premium, luxury time pieces for the on-the-go sophisticated gentleman. Every outfit is incomplete without a legendary watch. We combine the proven elegance and reliability of analog watches with smart technology, and give every professional man what he dreams of: a timeless, quality watch that serves his on-the-go, virtually connected life.

Our watches are in high demand from celebrities and influencers, who understand the value of classic design with smartwatch capabilities. We combine technology with the timeless tradition of watchmaking, and every man who wears a NYSW watch proudly gives a nod to the past and future.

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A fitness
with style

Make Them Take A Second Look

Stand out with our intentionally curated styles that boldly combine class and elegance with incredible functionality. Based on historically impressive watches, our designs combine clean modern lines with tradition that have everyone raving.

Exceed Your Goals

Finally, you can harness the power and data collecting capabilities of a smartwatch and be stylish at the same time. These watches track your steps and calories burned, so you stay on top of your fitness and health.

Live Your Full Life in Style

NYSW watches are made for successful, on-the-go men who run from the gym, to work, to a date night. We want to keep you looking good the entire day and on track to exceed your goals. That’s why every NYSW watch is water resistant and impressively durable - so it can rise to the challenges you face.

Get a Nudge, Not an Alert

It’s time to have your accessories work with you, not against you. Instead of standard alerts, our innovative watches allow you to set custom notifications and discreet vibrations to keep you on track.

Exceptional Quality

When you look at your wrist, you’ll see an incredible watch. Premium 316L stainless steel will never corrode or fade and gives you optimal strength for everyday wear and tear. Our watches are water resistant up to 5 ATM. We use sapphire glass to strengthen the face of the watch. And our diamond polished watch hands create a smooth, stunning surface to count the minutes of your life.

Seamless Integration

At NYSW, we believe that a quality timepiece should offer you more than just the time, and so we’ve designed our unique analog fitness tracker to do just that.

Not only can you track your activities with our watches; you can receive notifications of incoming calls, SMS, Facebook and Twitter alerts, and more.

Through programmable haptic vibration alerts, anyone with one of our watches can stay connected to their smartphone without having to hold it in their hand.

Trendsetting Design

A select team of three engineers and two designers poured their decades of experience into this project. They spent over 15 months to work through the forward-thinking functionality and standout designs you see in our watches. And now you can stand out among the crowd because of their hard work.

Worthwhile Investment

NYSW offers a two year warranty for every watch. The analog components keep it functioning seamlessly for years and it never misses a beat. This purchase is a wise investment for innovators who are moving forward with technology while still honoring the tradition of watch design.

A Brief History Of NYSW

Sometimes, a name is truly history in the making. The New York Standard Watch Company (NYSW) began in 1885 as a pocket watch manufacturer in the Big Apple. But after more than 40 years in business, the operation was forced to close in the same year that Wall Street crashed. A name that had always been associated with high quality timepieces became elevated to antique status, its watches real collectors’ items.
Then, in 2006, NYSW was re-discovered by innovative watchmakers who had a new focus – the desire to combine classic analog watch technology with exciting design. In 2014, David Luk brought his decades of watchmaking experience and a keen sense of fashion to the company. Together, with his passion and vision, NYSW created a new line of watches worthy of moving the brand forward into the 21st Century.
Now, with NYSW, you can look stylish while you check the time, see the calories you’ve burned and stay in touch with your social channels. All with one glance at a totally beautiful timepiece.