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  • A Watch as Powerful as You

    New York Standard Watch

Sleek Design, Cutting-Edge Technology

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Timeless Sophistication with a Modern Twist

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A fitness
with style

Make Them Take A Second Look

Stand out with our intentionally curated styles that boldly combine class and elegance with incredible functionality. Based on historically impressive watches, our designs combine clean modern lines with tradition that have everyone raving.

Exceed Your Goals

Finally, you can harness the power and data collecting capabilities of a smartwatch and be stylish at the same time. These watches track your steps and calories burned, so you stay on top of your fitness and health.

Live Your Full Life in Style

NYSW watches are made for successful, on-the-go men who run from the gym, to work, to a date night. We want to keep you looking good the entire day and on track to exceed your goals. That’s why every NYSW watch is water resistant and impressively durable - so it can rise to the challenges you face.

Get a Nudge, Not an Alert

It’s time to have your accessories work with you, not against you. Instead of standard alerts, our innovative watches allow you to set custom notifications and discreet vibrations to keep you on track.

Track Your Activity and Still Look Good

We are the revolutionary leader in precision analog smartwatch technology. This signature timepiece allows you to have a direct read on the watch of steps taken and calories burned, all without compromising style and class. Our premium, luxury watches sync to your smartphone, so you can finally enjoy the benefits of this technology without the boring plastic watch.

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