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Watch Movement

Discover the Intelligence Inside

A Breakthrough in Technology

The first technology barrier that we overcame was building a classic watch with a stainless steel case and metallic watch dial that feels sophisticated while still being able to connect to a smartphone.

A radio signal has no way to go in and out in a totally sealed metallic watch. This is just like the radio wave within a microwave oven, which has no way to go outside - the wave is locked within the oven.

Working with our US RF engineers and through specialized engineering equipment, we were able to overcome this problem so that the radio wave inside the fully metallic watch is able to connect with your smartphone. This lets you benefit from our Global Time Sync feature, the haptic notification, fitness data upload, as well as other useful Smartwatch features.

Ahead of it's Time, Built to Last

Furthermore, our watch is the first of its kind that is able to connect to the iPhone's ANCS (Apple Notification Center Service) without going through an app. You always receive notifications, and never miss any important phone calls or text messages.

Precision for analog smartwatch is critical, so our watch movement is powered by a sophisticated Japanese gearbox. This Japanese gearbox is one of the most precise gearboxes in the world.

The core CPU of the movement comes from Nordic-Norway, the most power-conserving ARM of its kind so that our watch is able to work for 10-14 days with a full charge.

Developed by the Best Engineers

In order to let you read the number of steps you’ve taken (instead of the percentage of your goal) our engineers developed a unique technology that shows your steps on the analog sub-dials. It’s simple and straightforward! We have filed a patent on this technology as well.

NYSW developed one of the most accurate pedometers in the world. When tested against the Fitbit, it was found that they have the same accuracy!

Upgraded Haptic Technology

You can program your own haptic vibration pattern to identify your incoming calls and notifications, as well as an alarm.The NYSW Analog Smartwatch lets you feel the beat!

NYSW engineers have been working in the precision radio wave atomic analog watch industry for 20 years and they are dedicated to this sophisticated and high precision movement.