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Limited Warranty

What is the duration of the limited warranty?

What is covered?

What is not covered?

Shipping and Tracking


Is free shipping available?

How do I track my order?


NYSW Model: M3

How to turn ON/OFF the Bluetooth of the watch?

How can I sync time with my phone after DST or when I go aboard?

How long should I charge the watch from low battery?

How to manually upload the pedometer readings (steps and calorie etc.) to the App?

What happens when I hit my fitness goals?

Why does the watch run in a 3 seconds increment?

Why my watch don't sync time with the phone?

Why my watch shows a different time from my phone?

Why my watch stops working at 12?

I changed a new phone and now the watch can’t connect with my new phone

How to stop the vibration when there is an incoming phone call?

Why my watch can’t connect with my Android phone?

Why my watch can't connect with my iPhone?

The second hand is ticking (or running) in 3-second increment.

How to align notification hand (pin)?

How to align ALL 6 HANDS?

Why did my phone say that I don't have permission to do the firmware update?

How can I disable notification of Apps that I don't want to receive?

How to charge the watch?

How to pair with a SONY smartphone?

How to make a metal band shorter?

How to enter Sleep Mode (for Metropolitan collection)?

What’s the battery life of the watch?

Why the Profile, Goals or Haptic can’t sync to the watch?

Can I pull out the crown when the watch is spinning?

Why there are no notification alerts?

Why the watch is always disconnected from the Smartphone?

Why does the phone ask me to input pairing code always?

Why the second-hand shows (the point at) wrong calories burned reading?

What should I do if the “Number of steps” hands don’t reset to Home (0) position on the morning?

What should I do if the calendar is wrong when I go travel aboard or return home?

How to Reset the watch?

If the metal bands are removal (or make shorter)?

How does it track calories burned?

Where can I find the pairing code of my watch?

WHAT HAPPEN WHEN I HIT MY GOALS (number of steps and calories burned)?

How can I pair a second watch?

Why I can’t get email notification?

What happen when I hit my goals (number of steps and calories burned)?

How to turn off an alarm on my watch?