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Our Story

Sometimes, a name is more than just a name; it’s history in the making. The New York Standard Watch Company began in 1885 as a pocket watch manufacturer, but after more than 40 years in business, closed its doors the same year as the Wall Street Crash. A name that had been associated with high quality timepieces became a name associated with antique timepieces.
Our Story

In 2006, the New York Standard Watch Company name was rediscovered and established as an LLC by a watchmaking company that wanted to bring atomic technology watches to the United States.

Our Story

In 2014, a Chinese/British national brought more than 20 years of watchmaking experience, a cutting edge sense of fashion, and strong management skills to the table, when he purchased the company. Together, with his passion and vision, we have created a new line of watches worthy of moving the NYSW brand forward into the new century. Watches that combine the cost effective sophisticated Asian watch craftsmanship with the precision Atomic watch technology.


A smartwatch that’s made...smarter

Combining the traditional aesthetic of beautifully made wristwatches with the technology and accessibility of Smartwatches has been the goal, since day one.
Smartwatches and activity trackers typically have black digital displays that turn off, to conserve battery. They’re great for casual outfits and activities, but what happens when you have an important meeting or a night out?
Our Story
Our Story
Our Story

NYSW created an analog activity tracker and watch that you want to look at. 

This signature timepiece allows users to have a direct read on the watch face of steps taken and calories burned. All without missing a beat, style-wise.


The 3-dimensional beauty of a watch face fascinates us, here at NYSW, and we want you to be able to feel as comfortable wearing it for a run as you do wearing it on a date.

Our Story

Time, Steps, Calorie and Notifications at one single glance


We love our revolutionary new Smartwatches!

And we think you will, too!